Iowa Disaster Restoration – Fire, Water, Flooded Basement Cleanup Services

If you have recently experienced flood damage to your property, whether residential or industrial, you need the help of professional to get you back on your feet. Here at the Iowa Disaster Pros, we can take the burden off of your shoulders by providing you with possible solutions to the problem that has occurred. Flood damage can be devastating to any home or business owner and it can occur for many different reasons such as adverse weather, plumbing issues, or even broken pipes. One thing is certain amongst all of these factors though, and that is that the issue needs to be resolved ASAP! We will provide you with immediate service to ensure that no further damage occurs to your property after the initial flood. Time is a key aspect of the restoration process, and as more time passes, the damage will increase substantially. Iowa Disaster Pros has been an industry leader for many years, and we strive to provide only the finest service possible to all of our customers. Here at Iowa Disaster Pros, we know that a flood can be unexpected. Just for that reason, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to better service the needs of the customer.

A flood can leave devastating effects on a property if not taken care of in a timely manner. There are three different types of water damage that can occur on a property, which is clear water, grey water, and black water. If you have black water present on your property, it is of utmost importance that you immediately call professionals, as the water has contaminants and can be a health hazard to you and the inhabitants of your home or business. When more time goes on with little to no action taking place, the water will begin to soak into the constructive materials of the property and will weaken it substantially. This will cause the need for more work to be done on your home or business, and no property wants the hassle of that problem if it can be avoided. Also, mold may begin to take hold of your property if there is a consistent source of moisture that has not been taken care of. That is why it is in your best interest to call in a team of experienced professionals, such as Iowa Disaster Pros, to come in and help you resolve this issue.

Flood damage is a serious issue and should be taken as such. Depending on the class of the water damage, it can be hazardous to your health. The first step in our process after arrival is to begin with a thorough assessment of the affected areas. We will make sure to check every crack and crevice to ensure that nothing was missed, and once we have covered every area, we will provide you with a written estimate comparable to the insurance adjusters. From there, we will set up a plan of action with you, and once you agree to the services, we will call in the rest of the team to begin the restoration process. Here at the Iowa Disaster Pros, we can take care of any job no matter the size. We gladly will undertake any commercial, residential, or industrial property that has been stricken by water damage.

Iowa Disaster Pros is a licensed Iowa contractor that is also bonded and insured. We follow strict safety protocol and guidelines to ensure the protection of the inhabitants of your property as well as the technicians working to restore it. If you have recently suffered mild to severe flood damage, call Iowa Disaster Pros today for excellent service!


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